Setting best practice standards for sterile medical lubrication.
Matching the needs of the patient with a lubricant that protects whilst performing.

Instillagel® Lido

Instillagel Lignocaine 2%, Urethral Gel Lubricant
  • Pain relief through the anaesthetising effect of 2% Lignocaine Hydrochloride.
  • Excellent lubrication properties of hydroxymethylcellulose base adheres especially well to the urethra.
  • Long-lasting lubrication due to the non-drying effects of added propylene glycol.
  • 11ml syringe for that extra bit of lubrication.
  • Now available as a certified and registered medical device.

Instillagel® Almed

Instillagel Almed for patients without Chlorhexidine sensitivity
  • All the benefits of Instillagel® Lido PLUS 0.05% Chlorhexidine for patients without Chlorhexidine sensitivity.
  • Two added hydroxybenzoates clinically analysed to have extra efficacy against bacteria.
  • Superior adhesion to the mucosa provides an antiseptic shield before, during and after the procedure.
  • Clinically evaluated effective against MRSA
  • Closely monitored low allergy history over 48 years.


Quick History of Farco-Pharma

Farco-Pharma was founded in 1964 with headquarters in Cologne, while manufacturing takes place at their own plant in Berlin. It was founded by a Urologist and its philosophy remains as ‘service to urology’. Farco-Pharma has focussed only on urological lubricant development and was instrumental in the innovation and development of clinical sterile lubricants that precisely met urological needs. Intensive cooperation with Urologists ensured not only the highest standards of purity and quality of the formulation but also met the requirements of needs-based implementation with regards to practical application of the gel. The continuous development and improvement of products are an integral part of their strategy and success.

Instillagel® dominates EU and UK marketplaces and exports to over 40 countries. It gained FDA approval in 2014 and is now also sold throughout the US.

Instillagel® as a medical device

Instillagel is registered with the TGA as a medical device – NOT a pharmaceutical and therefore is not required to be bought, stored or controlled by a Pharmacist, or supplied through a pharmacy. It took 2 years to satisfy the TGA that the formula was safe to be registered as a medical device rather than a pharmaceutical, including a visit to the manufacturing premises by the TGA standards team, it was not a decision passed lightly.

Instillagel can be ordered from wholesale channels and supply departments as well as directly from MD Solutions. It does not need special licensing to store, supply or use the product as an S2 pharmaceutical syringe does, nor does it need to be prescribed or registered compared to an S2 medication.

This means less paperwork and no liability for the safety requirements of handling, storing and dispensing a medication.


Instillagel® is a successfully proven sterile local anaesthetic and disinfectant lubricant with a cellulose base. It is suitable for almost all applications within the urological and gynaecological department and is characterised by its proven local anaesthetic and disinfecting efficacy (Almed). The lubricant is designed to adhere especially well to mucosa and has excellent, long-lasting lubricating properties that prevent rapid draining and drying. At the same time it allows the optics of the instruments view clear and is water-soluble and latex-free.

The viscosity of Instillagel® has been specifically designed and developed to cover a number of points:

  • To spread with ease up the urethra, dilating and uniformly coating the entire urethra. Where Instillagel® touches the mucosa, it bonds to form protection against injury throughout an average resection procedure which has been measured to produce around 2000 scope movements against the urethra.
  • To not be thick enough to create a ‘bolus’ effect at the point of application. A bolus of gel can cause discomfort for the patient and congealing at the entry point, preventing complete internal application and instead draining quickly on removal of syringe. Instillagel spreads up the entire urethra with comfort.
  • To not be thick enough to block catheter eyelets. This saves time in the theatre, preventing the need to flush the catheter after insertion.

Safety in procedures that use electric current

Instillagel® has been used successfully for many years for all procedures using electro-resection techniques including monopolar, bipolar and laser for resection and coagulation procedures. A particle free formula ensures the clearest view and also makes an excellent ultrasound medium.

Reducing the risk of infection

Instillagel® Almed has a rapid, comprehensive and clinically proven antiseptic effect, based on an active substance combination of Chlorhexidine Digluconate 0.05%, methyl- and propyl-4-hydroxybenzoate. The eradication of any bacteria present considerably reduces the risk of infection. Patients with a known tolerance of Chlorhexidine will benefit from its use.

We have every confidence that Instillagel formula meets the highest needs of all clinical practices.

Pain relief through the anaesthetising effect

Instillagel® contains the active ingredient Lignocaine Hydrochloride 2% which anaesthetises the mucosa with effectiveness 90 seconds after instillation of the gel. Peak therapeutic effect is between 5 – 10 minutes providing the patient with a significant analgesic effect enabling them to be less tense and the Clinician to be more relaxed about the potential for inadvertent movements.


Instillagel Almed sterile packaging

Instillagel® comes in an autoclaved blister pack for aseptic technique procedures without any assembly of the syringe prior to use. This conforms to ACORN guidelines for maintaining a sterile field:

“All items introduced onto a sterile field should be opened, dispensed and transferred by methods that maintain sterility and integrity. Edges of all sterile wrappers and packages are considered nonsterile. Therefore, when opening an item, be sure all the edges are secured so that they do not contaminate the field or the sterile packaged item.”

The easy peel end is marked with arrows to peel the backing off the blister pack so the syringe can be dropped into the sterile field without touching the edges of the wrapping or needing any handling.

Syringe Design

Instillagel Almed for patients without Chlorhexidine sensitivity

The Instillagel® tip is designed to fit easily into the urethra with the base of the syringe acting as a stopper against backflow during delivery. It is designed to preserve the natural sphincter at the distal urethra and not over-stretch, split or damage this delicate anatomy.

The Instillagel® tip is highly polished and smooth unlike other product tips which can feel sharp and rough due to being produced using a mould. It won’t cause damage to the meatus or cause unnecessary discomfort when the syringe is inserted and positioned correctly.

For patient and user safety, it’s important to know that the tip of the Instillagel® syringe has also been designed not to fit a needle so there is no risk of injecting the solution by mistake or reuse of the syringe.



Instillagel® was designed by Urologists for Urologists and meets the highest level of all clinical needs.

Endoscopy – Specifically designed for all endoscopy procedures.

Catheterisation – in the hospital whether it be acute or planned, in the outpatient department for urodynamics or in the community for urethral, supra-pubic or fistula management. Instillagel being available as a medical device makes it widely accessible and affordable for patients in the community to receive or perform self-catheterisations with the highest standard of lubrication now available.

Wound dressings – Can be used as a dressing gel post circumcision or where extra comfort is required.

Trans-rectal Ultrasound or Biopsy – Can be used as an ultrasound medium to provide analgesia in the rectum. The added benefit of antiseptic effect can be used to prevent trans-rectal infection during biopsy in patients without Chlorhexidine allergy.

Urology Accessories:

Penile Clamp – The best discreet solution for allowing anaesthetic lubricants to take effect. Sterile, single use.

Instillagel function in Urology


Instillagel gynaecological applications

Instillagel® has been paired with Instillaquill for intra-vaginal, cervical and uterine placement of anaesthetic lubricant. It is suitable for a wide range of gynaecological applications where passing through the cervix would usually mean a high level of patient discomfort or pain. Using an anaesthetic lubricant makes the procedure more tolerable and successful by gently anaesthetising the cervical canal prior to instrumentation.

Hysteroscopy / Biopsy – localised analgesia where it is most needed.

Insertion of uterine devices – Found to increase the success of procedures due to relaxation of the patient.

Trans-vaginal ultrasound – Instillagel® contains no air or particles making it an excellent ultrasound medium.

Vaginal or rectal contrast for MRI.

Gynaecological Accessories:

Instillaquill (link to page) – Instillaquill is a sterile single use extension tube which facilitates the use of Instillagel® anaesthetic gel in gynaecological investigations.


Radiology, Instillagel is supplied in a sterile blister pack

Instillagel is supplied in a sterile blister pack for each individual use. The particle and air free formula of the gel makes it ideal for all ultrasound guided injections. The gel is smooth and clear and sticks well to the skin and instruments or ultrasound probe to allow excellent vision of the procedure. It provides a sterile, antiseptic field prior and during injection through the skin.

From sports medicine to biopsies, Instillagel® Almed provides the antiseptic properties required to achieve and maintain a sterile field while 2% Lignocaine Hydrochloride provides anaesthesia to the skin.


Penile Clamp

Penile Clamp (The best discreet solution for allowing anaesthetic lubricants to take effect. Sterile, single use)
  • The best solution for allowing anaesthetic lubricants to take effect – recommended 5 min for peak anaesthetic performance.
  • Sterile, single use.
  • Minimise patient discomfort – allowing patient discretion and dignity.
  • Optimise work flow.


Instillaquill, Allows delivery of anaesthetic gel into the cervix and uterus
  • An extension quill facilitating the use of Instillagel® in gynaecological investigations.
  • Allows delivery of anaesthetic gel into the cervix and uterus.
  • Excellent for use in hysteroscopy and insertion of intra-uterine devices.
  • An additional benefit of hysterosonography – once gel has been instilled in the endometrial cavity for 10–15 minutes it facilitates instrumentation of the uterus.


Supply of an equivalent product to cover current shortage of Pfizer Lignocaine Gel 2%, both with and without Chlorhexidine 0.05%.

TGA has released medicine shortage notification for Pfizer Lignocaine Gel 2% product both with and without Chlorhexidine 0.05%.

Please see the TGA link for details directly from the TGA.

We can supply you with an equivalent replacement product, Instillagel. It is a high-quality product, manufactured in Germany and it is the top selling urethral lubricant with distribution throughout 44 countries. It is listed with the TGA as a medical device, not as a pharmaceutical so there are less purchasing and handling requirements than for medicines that must be purchased through pharmaceutical suppliers.

You can buy from us directly, or from your regular Pharmacy or wholesaler. Please contact us first to ensure we can make the supplier aware and have stock on hand.

The main differences are:

  • We supply a sterile product that conforms to ACORN and sterile use guidelines.
  • We have additives and clinical validation for the technology e.g. the Chlorhexidine version has improved antibacterial action  to make it 99.9% effective against MRSA.
  • Instillagel Lido, comes in an 11ml syringe, not a 10ml syringe as you are used to.
  • Instillagel Almed, the product that is the equivalent to the Pfizer Lignocaine with Chlorhex 0.05%, comes in boxes of 25, not 10 as you are used to.

Purchase Orders or written requests can be sent through to

Product Code Description Minimum Order
FARCO 343367 Instillagel Almed 10ml Syringe; Lignocaine 2% with Chlorhexidine 0.05% Gel, Sterile 25
FARCO 350914 Instillagel Lido 11ml Syringe; Lignocaine 2% Gel, Sterile. 10
FARCO 337007 Penile Clamp, sterile, single use. 10

Please let me know if you have any further questions relating to our product or ordering. It would be helpful to know how much product you regularly order so we can ensure we can reserve stock for you.

We have good stock of the Chlorhexidine version and anticipate no supply issues for any customers if you let us know of your needs.

Due to the sudden nature of the supply outage of the Lignocaine only version we have stock of equivalent product and will quarantine it as best we can for Urologists; Urology Nurses and Community based nurses who manage patients daily.

We will be able to supply our customers and we can assist new orders as you contact us.

We have ordered more stock in to fill the gap in supply. We can guarantee supply from this shipment and future shipments against placed orders.

Please discuss this with your representative or call us now to discuss your needs

Name Area Phone Email
Matt Wenden QLD 0413 955 969
Jake Weston NSW / ACT 0431 091 098
Jess Harridge VIC / TAS 0402 314 932
Kevin Neeson SA 0488 700 465
Jacqui Fairhead WA / NT 0429 887 730
Suzy Rothery New Zealand 021 133 9216

We will work through any issues as best we can and establish secure and well-resourced supply for you.


Instillagel is available for purchase directly from MD Solutions or through your own preferred supply wholesaler, contact us to arrange for product trial or supply, or for a wholesalers list.

INSTILLAGEL® ALMED 10ml, 25 per box FARCO 343367
INSTILLAGEL® LIDO 11ml, 10 per box FARCO 350914
PENILE CLAMP Sterile, single use, 10 per box FARCO 337007
PENILE CLAMP Sterile, single use, 50 per box FARCO 337502
INSTILLAQUILL® Sterile, single use, 10 per box CLINI 40-200

AU 1300 857 230  or  NZ 0800 994 951

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